1996 SSRL Users' Conference

(October 24-25, 1996)



      7:30   Registration and Continental Breakfast - SLAC Auditorium Lobby

SESSION I    Introductory Remarks (Chair: David Shuh)

      8:30    Welcome - D. Shuh
      8:40    SLAC Director's Report - B. Richter
      8:55    SSRL Director's Report - A. Bienenstock
      9:40    SSRLUO Report - A. Fischer-Colbrie (Hewlett-Packard)
    10:00    Report from Washington - R. Marianelli (US Dept. of Energy)
    10:15    Comments About the Basic Energy Sciences Program - P. Dehmer (US Dept. of Energy)

    10:25    Coffee Break

SESSION II    Future of SSRL Facilities (Chair: Herman Winick )

    10:45    SFI Impact and Computer Upgrades - K. Hodgson
    11:05    Future SSRL Beamlines - T. Rabedeau
    11:25    Incremental Improvement of SPEAR - H.-D. Nuhn
    11:45    Major Rebuild of SPEAR - H. Wiedemann
    12:05    Discussion of Reports and Issues Related to SSRL

    12:30    Lunch

SESSION III    Biological Applications of Synchrotron Radiation at SSRL (Chair: Matthew Latimer)

      1:30    Title TBD - N. Blackburn (Oregon Graduate Institute)
      2:00    Partially Folded States of Proteins Measured by X-ray Small Angle Scattering - S. Doniach
      2:25    Metalloclusters of Nitrogenase: Oxidation State Dependent Changes in the P-cluster - J. Peters
                  (California Institute of Technology)

SESSION IV    Poster Session/Judging of Student Posters (SSRLUO)

      2:45    Posters on SLAC Auditorium Patio

                 Coffee Break

SESSION V    Structure and Properties of Solid State Materials (Chair: Zofia Rek )

      3:45    Title TBD (Correlated Electron Materials) - Z.-X. Shen (SSRL)
      4:10    Trends in Applications of Synchrotron Radiation to the Semiconductor Industry - S. Laderman
      4:35    Observation of Spin- Charge Separation in One-Dimensional SrCuO2 - C. Kim
                   (Stanford University )


     6:00    Cocktails and Dinner at Holiday Inn


     8:30    Continental Breakfast

SESSION VI    Recent Research in Environmental Science (Chair: John Bargar)

      9:00    Tank Science to Real Science: Hot Work at SSRL - S. Conradson (LANL)
      9:30    Recent Applications of XAS to the Emerging Science of Phytoremediation - M. Lytle (UC Berkeley)
    10:00    Oxidation State, Local Structure, and ab initio XAFS Modeling of Chromium in Contaminated Soils,                  Glasses, and Model Compounds - M. Peterson (Stanford University)

    10:30    Coffee Break

    10:50    X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy in Environmental Radiochemistry at FZR - T. Reich
                 (Forschungszentrum Rossendorf)
    11:20    Actinide Studies at ANL: A New Facility - L. Soderholm (APS)
    11:50    Lunch


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SLAC  October 4, 1996
L. Dunn