SSRL 12 Oct 1994

October 17-18, 1994, SLAC Auditorium



7:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast - Auditorium Breezeway

SESSION I Chair: Louis Terminello
8:30 Welcome - L. Terminello (LLNL)
8:35 SSRL Director's Report - A. Bienenstock (SSRL)
9:15 SSRLUO Report - J. Kortright (LBL)
9:30 Report from Washington - W. Oosterhuis (DOE)

9:45 Coffee Break
SESSION II Surface and Reduced Dimensional Studies Chair: Charles Fadley
lO:15 Ultra-trace Metal Analysis of Sillcon Wafer Surfaces using Synchrotron Radiation - A. Fischer-Colbrie (Hewlett-Packard)
10:35 Determination of Nanoscale Magnetic Structure from Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Diffraction using Magnetic X-ray Circular Dichroism - J. Tobin (LLNL)
10:55 Quantitative Determination of Magnetic Moments with Circularly Polarized X-rays - J. Stöhr (IBM)
11:15 Electronlc Structure Studies of Novel Materials - D. Dessau (SSRL)
11:35 Application of X-ray Standing Wave Technique of Studies of Structures of Surfaces and Interfaces - T. Kendelewicz (Stanford University)

11:55 Lunch
SESSION III Future of SSRL Facilities Chair: Jeffrey Kortright
1:00 A New Insertion Device Beam Line at SSRL for Molecular Environmental Science Applications - G. E. Brown, Jr. (Stanford University)
1:15 A Beam Line 9 Update - J. Cerino (SSRL)
1:30 Committee on Future of VUV Science - C. Fadley (UC Davis/LBL)
1:40 Committee on Future of X-ray Science & Technology - M. Toney (IBM)
1:50 Discussion of Reports and Issues Related to SSRL

2:20 Coffee Break
SESSION IV General Materials Chair: Thomas Rabedeau
2:45 Cation Valence Distributions in Ce and U Mixed-Oxide Compounds - M. Antonio (Argonne)
3:05 Hunting Nuclear Resonances in an X-ray Jungle - J. Arthur (SSRL)
3:25 Tensor Scattering Factors for X-rays - D. Templeton (LBL)
3:45 Polychromatic Polycrystalline Diffraction Imaging - Z. Rek (SSRL)
4:05 Poster Session/Judging of Student Posters/Wine and Cheese
6:30 Dinner at the Holiday Inn


8:30 Continental Breakfast - Auditorium Breezeway
SESSION V Environmental Sience Chair: Norman Edelstein
9:00 XAS of Trace Element Coordination in Natural Sediments at Ambient and Cryogenic Temperatures - P. O'Day (Arizona State University)
9:20 Application of XAFS to Environmental Remediation and Restoration - N. Hess (LANL/PNL)
9:40 XAS of Technetlum and Uranium Materials Relevant to Environmental Concerns - D. Shuh (LBL)
10:00 Speciation of Selenium-Contaminated Soils using X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy - I. Pickering (SSRL)

10:20 Coffee Break
SESSION VI Structural Molecular Biology Chair: Hartmut Luecke
10:50 The 2.3 Å Resolution Structure of the Tungstoprotein Aldehyde Protein Ferredoxin Oridoreductase from the Hyperthermophilic Archaeon Pyrococcus furiosus - M. Chan (California Instltute of Technology)
11:10 XAS Studies of Oxygen Intermediates and Analogs for Non-Heme Iron Active Sites - T. Westre (Stanford University)
11:30 Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Study of Annexin XII Assembly in Solution - H. Tsuruta (SSRL)
11:50 Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Studies of a Molecular Chaperone - L. Chen (Stanford University)

12:10 Lunch
SESSION VII New Instrumentation Chair: Sean Brennan
1:00 Elliptically Polarizing Undulator and Magneto-optical Effects - J. Kortright (LBL)
1:20 SPEAR Operation and Improvement Plans - M. Cornacchia (SSRL)
1:40 The SLAC Linac Coherent Light Source: An Angstrom-Wavelength Free- Electron Laser - J. Arthur (SSRL)

2:00 Adjourn

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