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2nd FEL Workshop -
Methods and Instrumentation

Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Stanford, California  USA
March 1-2, 2001

Within the next 5-10 years, free-electron lasers based on high-energy linear accelerators will be producing extremely bright, extremely intense, extremely short, and extremely coherent pulses of hard x-rays.Methods and instrumentation for using this radiation must be developed.This series of workshops is intended to stimulate thought and discussion, and to share recent developments in this field.Of primary importance are the methods and instrumentation that will be used at the SLAC LCLS FEL  and the DESY TESLA FEL.

Two topical areas have been chosen for this workshop: 

·Methods and instrumentation for sub-picosecond timing experiments 

·Methods and instrumentation for very high peak-power experiments 

Workshop participants are invited to share recent work relevant to the chosen topics, and to participate in the discussion and plans for future R&D in these areas.

Workshop chairs: 

John Arthur (SLAC) 

Thomas Tschentscher (DESY)