Come to the BACDS English Dance Week in Mendocino, California, 
from July 8-15, 2006

*A Fragrance-Safe Environment*

The Health Issue

A significant number of us suffer from heightened sensitivity to solvents and petroleum products commonly found in perfumed and fragranced commercial products. Exposure to even small amounts of these troublesome chemicals can cause debilitating symptoms, since they can act as respiratory irritants, cardiac stimulants (skyrocketing blood pressure and palpitations), and neurotoxins (causing blurred vision, loss of equilibrium, and mental confusion). Unfortunately, these chemicals are used in many of our daily care and personal hygiene products. Extreme chemical sensitivity results from continued exposure to these products. Even small amounts of fragranced or scented products used in our camp environment will compound to intolerable levels for our most sensitive community members. Please work with us in creating an environment that can be enjoyed fully by all members of our community.

Our Contribution

1) BACDS will supply all hand-washing locations with fragrance-free soap.

2) All bathhouses will be stocked with fragrance-free body wash, lotion, shampoo, and hair conditioner.

3) Mint-based insect repellent and soy-based Bite Blocker will be available. Mendocino Woodlands will be deploying Mosquito Magnets, which have proved effective in keeping mosquitoes away.

Your Contribution

1) Please bring fragrance-free deodorant, powder, body oil, and sun block.

2) Please do not bring perfume or aftershave lotion, hair spray, dandruff shampoo or hand sanitizers.

3) Please launder your clothing in unscented laundry detergent, avoiding fabric softener.

4) Please completely air out clothing that has been dry-cleaned and avoid clothing that has been stored in mothballs. If you can, wash sweaters, outdoor garments and dressy clothes, too. (These may have picked up fragrance during previous wearings).

5) Please be aware that products containing the insect repellents DEET or citronella can pose a significant problem for chemically-sensitive people, especially in enclosed environments. If you need to use Bite Blocker when spending time outdoors, please shower and change into clean clothes before returning to enclosed camp environments.


Fragrance-free products are readily available from natural food and body care retailers and from well-stocked drugstores and supermarkets.

• Deodorant: Tom's of Maine, Le Stick, Jason, The Crystal, Liken, Almay, Mennen Unscented

• Hair Gel: Magick Botanicals, KMS, AloeVera 80

• Fragrance-Free Shaving Cream: Noxzema, Kiss My Face, English Leather

• Bar Soap: Pure & Natural Unscented Glycerin Soap

• Laundry Soap: Arm & Hammer Fragrance Free, All Free & Clear, Trader Joe SoapWorks

• Body Powder: baking soda and/or cornstarch

• Lip Balm: beeswax-based varieties

• Sun Block: Nature's Gate

Thank you for your active cooperation in making camp welcoming for all.
Mary Luckhardt , Camp Manager


Registration is open!
The initial postmark deadline for English Week 2006
will be March 20th.
After March 20th, please check with our camp manager, Mary Luckhardt.

For more information, call camp manager Mary Luckhardt
at (510) 233-5065 or email

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