Yijin Liu

Yijin Liu

Yijin conducts research in materials science at multiple length scales, using X-ray microscopy. He is particularly interested in materials under extreme conditions (e.g. high pressure and temperature) and energy materials including batteries and photovoltaic thin films, as well as shale.

Email: liuyijin at SLAC dot Stanford dot EDU
Standard Phone: 650-926-3151



Johanna Nelson Weker

Johanna conducts research using in situ and operando X-ray microscopy to watch morphological and chemical changes in Li-ion batteries during cycling to better understand their failure mechanisms. See Johanna's Homepage.

Email: jlnelson at SLAC dot Stanford dot EDU
Standard Phone: 650-926-5565



Piero Pianetta

Piero is interested in ultrasensitive methods for analyzing contamination on silicon wafer surfaces and understanding the relationship between the atomic and electronic structure of semiconductor interfaces and their electrical properties. See Piero's Homepage.


Former Researcher

Joy Andrews Hayter

Joy C. Andrews

Joy's research is on energy materials including batteries, fuel cell and catalysts. Correlation of nanostructure (including porosity) and chemical states ex situ, in situ and in operando, using techniques including full-field hard X-ray transmission microscopy, X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS), and scanning X-ray fluorescence. See Joy's Homepage.