Mike Toney, Flexible Solar Sheet

Welcome to the Toney research group at the Stanford Synchrotron Lightsource (SSRL), part of the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. Our research is focused on structural characterization of materials used for energy conversion and storage and for information processing. Please see the research area for examples and more details. Much of our work is carried out in collaboration with faculty and staff members at other institutions; many of these are local, but some are spread worldwide. Most of our structure based studies are done on beam lines at SSRL.

Michael F. Toney received his PhD in surface physics from the University of Washington in 1983. He then moved to the Risoe National Laboratory in Denmark, as a NATO Postdoctoral Fellow, where he used surface X-ray diffraction to study semiconductor surface structure. In 1984 he joined the IBM Research Division in San Jose. While at IBM, his research focused on the use of X-ray scattering methods for structure determination of polymer surfaces and of thin films and interfaces that are importance in electrochemistry and in magnetic recording. In 2003, he joined the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lighsource (SSRL), where he is presently a senior staff scientist. He has the main responsibility for the x-ray scattering program at this facility and leads a research team that does research on surface and nanoparticle structure and reactivity using synchrotron radiation. Toney is one of the pioneers in the use of surface X-ray diffraction for in-situ investigations of atomic structure at electrode-electrolyte interfaces and of the molecular structure of organic and magnetic thin films.

Mike Toney: mftoney@slac.stanford.edu