Public Lectures:

LBNL Lecture, October 2005

SLAC Lecture, December 2004:
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2010 Robert Hofstadter Memorial Lecture I

            The Light Fantastic: Birth of the X-ray Laser and a New Era of Science

2010 Robert Hofstadter Momorial Lecture II

            Birth of the X-ray Laser: Movies of the Dynamic Worlds of Atoms and Electrons

2011 Davisson Germer Prize Talk at APS March Meeting

            Soft X-ray Studies of Surfaces, Interfaces, and Thin Films


Selected Talks:

In Memory of H.C. Siegmann: the Father of Mordern Spin Physics, 2009

Magnetization Switching without Charge or Spin Currents, 2009

Ultrafast Manipulation of the Magnetization, 2009

X-ray Studies of the Ultrafast Magnetic Nanoworld, 2009

X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy, 2008

Microscopy: “X-ray and Magnetism, New light on Old Problems”, 2008

Soft X-Ray Science (Denver) 2007

Hitachi, November 2006

MMM Talk: San Jose November 2005 (also in pdf)

Stanford Physics Colloquium, October 05

ALS-Oct-04: Probing Magnetization Dynamics with Soft X-Rays

BESSY-Sept-04: Soft X-Rays for the Future

Regensburg-March-04: Magnetism and X-Rays: Past, Present, and A Vision of the Future

Venice-July-03: X-ray Imaging of Magnetic Nanostructures and their Dynamics

SLS-Aug-02: X-Rays and Magnetism


X-Ray-Gordon-Conf-Jul-01: Toward an X-Ray Free Electron Laser

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Course & School Lectures:


X-Rays and Magnetism


X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy

X-Ray Microscopy


X-Rays and Materials

X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy


1. Exchange bias NiO Co

2. Flat Panel Display

3. PEEM3 microcope

4. SLAC interface damping

5. SLAC overview

6. Exchange bias