Science Highlights


·         2009
X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy at FLASH (FLASH Annual Report)


Magnetic Microscopy:

·         2008
Panoramic Holography: Toward a Single Shot Stopwatch (SSRL Science Hightlight)
Lensless MAD Imaging of Nonperiodic Nanostructures (SSRL Science Highlight)
·         2007
Multiple Reference Fourier Transform Holography: Five Images for the Price of One (SSRL Science Hightlight)
·         2006
Parallel and Antiparallel Interfacial Coupling in AF-FM Bilayers (ALS Science Highlights)
·         2004

Pinning Down Exchange Bias (ALS Science Highlights)

Creation of an Antiferromagnetic Exchange Spring (ALS Science Highlights)

Lensless Imaging of Magnetic Nanostructures by X-ray Spectro-Holography (SSRL Science Highlight)

·         2001

Uncovering a New Layer (Physical Review Focus)

·         2000

Antiferromagnetic Spin Reorientation (ALS Science Highlights)

PEEM2 Reveals Spin Alignment in Magnetic Layers (ALS Science Highlights)

·         1999

First X-ray Microscope Images with Clear Antiferromagnetic Contrast (ALS Science Hightlights)


Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics:

·         2009
Electric Sensation at the Final Focus Test Beam (SLAC Today)
New Twist on Favorite X-ray Technique Promises Ultrafast Molecular Studies (SLAC Today)
·         2004
Speed Limit of Magnetic Recording (SSRL Science Highlight)
Scientists Peg Data’s Speed Limit (
Picosecond Magnetization Dynamics (ALS Science Highlights)