LCLS Linac Technical Review
Dec 12, 2003
at SLAC SSRL Building 137, 3rd floor conf. rm



Committee: John Seeman (chair), Scott DeBarger, Bob Hettel, Rusty Humphrey


Friday, 12 Dec. 2003






9:00 AM

Greetings and Welcome

J. Galayda


9:15 AM

Charge to Committee (slides)

M. Reichanadter


9:30 AM

Committee Executive Session

(committee only)



Linac Organization and Design:


10:00 AM

Project Management (slides)

E. Bong

10:45 AM

Accelerator Design (slides)

P. Emma

11:45 AM

LSC/CSR Instabilities (slides)

Z. Huang

12:15 PM

Lunch (provided for committee)




System Control, Components and Engineering*



1:00 PM

Diagnostics and Controls (slides)

P. Krejcik

2:00 PM

Component Specifications (slides)

C. Rago

2:20 PM

Linac Engineering (slides)

L. Eriksson

2:40 PM

Linac-To-Undulator (LTU) and Dump Beamlines (slides)

T. Montagne

3:00 PM

RF Systems (slides)

P. McIntosh

3:20 PM

RF Waveguide and Structures (slides)

C. Rago


3:40 PM



4:00 PM

Open Discussion



4:30 PM

Committee Executive Session

(committee only)

5:00 PM

Closeout and Summary


12/08/03 Rev 1

 * A written report on the LCLS Linac Power Conversion (by Wayne Linebarger) is also provided.

Review Agenda PDF Version:


91 KB
1 pp.

LCLS Linac Technical Review Agenda

Agenda for the LCLS Linac Technical Review, Dec. 12, 2003

Charge to Committee:


1 pp.

Charge to Committee

Charge to Committee for LCLS TDR, Dec. 12, 2003



23,299 KB
554 pp.

LCLS CDR Chapter-7, Accelerator

PDF Document


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