Meeting Minutes

The LCLS Linac meeting is at 10:00 on Tuesdays every other week (by E-mail notification). The meeting will be in the Pom-Flora room, 1st floor of building 280. E-mail will be sent out prior to each meeting.

June 4, 2003 Summary, Linac Intro. (P. Emma), Constr. Schedule (E. Bong), Corrector Upgrade (P. Emma), Bunch Length Monitors (P. Krejcik)
June 18, 2003 Summary, SPPS BL-monitor (P. Krejcik) Cutting Acc-Sections (L. Eriksson)
July 15, 2003 Summary, Milestones & Reporting (E. Bong) New linac parameters (P. Emma) SCOR-6 PS Reg. Data (P. Emma)
July 29, 2003 Summary, Summary Reporting (E. Bong) LCLS optics-file control with CVS (M. Woodley) Magnet Specifications Sheets (P. Emma)
Aug 12, 2003 Summary, Progress with layout drawings (L. Eriksson) LCLS project control (C. Rago) Possible laser e- beam heater for LCLS (J. Welch)
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