Experimental Station 13-2

BL13-2 has stations designed for surface and solid state experiments (SSE).  The SSE station has an electron spectrometer (SES-R3000, VG-Scienta) for photoemission spectroscopy and Auger electron yield X-ray absorption spectroscopy, and a Ni coated elliptical grating spectrometer for C 1s, N 1s and O 1s x-ray emission spectroscopy.  A horizontally mounted manipulator is provided for experiments with a minimum sample temperature of about 40 K.  The manipulator transfers samples between the preparation chamber and the main chamber.  Sputtering, evaporation and gas dosing capabilities are available in the preparation chamber.  A load-lock system for sample introduction can be mounted with limited sample manipulation and preparation capabilities.  The APPES (ambient pressure photoemission spectroscopy) station has a differentially pumped electron spectrometer (SES-100, VG-Scienta) developed for XPS measurement under a few tenth of atmospheric pressure (up to a few 10 torr). The APPES station provides a capability to investigate thermal catalytic and electrochemical processes under reactive conditions.

Supported Techniques
Photoemission spectroscopy
Soft x-ray absorption spectroscopy
Soft x-ray emission spectroscopy
Main Scientific Disciplines
Materials Sciences
Beam Line Specifications


26-pole elliptical polarizing undulator (EPU), 0.25 mrad acceptance

  Energy Range Resolution ΔE/E Spot Size Flux (ph/sec)
Focused 180 - 1100 eV 1 X 10-4 0.01 X 0.075 mm2 1011 - 1012



  • Horizontal flat followed by a vertical sphere, both Pt coated
  • Monochromator: Spherical Grating Monochrometer (SGM)
    • 300 l/mm, Ni coated
    • 600 l/mm, Ni coated
    • 1100 l/mm, Pt coated
  • Kirkpatrick-Baez Pair (Pt)



  • Surface and Solid State Experiments (SSE) with High Resolution X-ray Photoemission and X-ray Emission Systems
  • Ambient Pressure Photoemission System (APPES)
Sample Environment
  • 10-8 Torr SSE, < 25 Torr for APPES
  • Sample size: < 10 X 10 mm2
  • Minimum Sample Requirement: Non-Volatile, Non-Toxic
Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • SPEC
  • Ses.exe
  • Igor Pro
Beam Line Phone
Beam Line Contact
Beam Line Engineering Notes

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